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Keynote presentation at the Great People Inside Conference 2016: Rick Yvanovich

Great People Inside Conference 2016 “The New World of Work” gathered over 20 high-profile speakers and 350 participants in the more

TRG CEO Rick Yvanovich to be a keynote speaker at The Great People Inside Conference: The New World of Work in Romania

The Great People Inside Conference, the largest HR conference in Romania, will take place in October 12th – 13th, 2016. more

Webinar Recap: 5 Mistakes in Leadership Development Programme You Never Want to Make

On August 25, TRG International’s monthly webinar series was on air again. This time, our expert shared about one more


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Top 10 HR priorities for 2017

The 2017 Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report highlights the top priorities that the HR function should be focusing on in the context of ever-changing technology and business la. . . read more

Duplicating your top performers

As we mentioned in the previous blog post, the ideal process of duplicating top performers starts with quantifying the characteristics of those persons. Specifically, in this step, you. . . read more

KPIs - the key to identifying your top performers

“What if my company have more than 20% of the current employees as top performers?” many of our clients had this same question. Let us tell you the truth: if you identify, for instance. . . read more

How different is business leadership and management across the globe?

In the last blog post, we have proved that there is a significant similarity in how great leaders and managers are perceived around the world, regardless of cultural and geographical diffe. . . read more

[Infographic] 5 prominent business leaders born in the Year of the Rooster

Rooster is the tenth animal sign in the 12-year cycle of the oriental astrology. And people who were born under this sign are thought to be natural-born leaders, just like a rooster is the. . . read more

3 best tactics for recruiting Millennials - Part 3

This blog is the third part of a 3-blog series.. . . read more

3 leadership & management skills that will help you succeed anywhere in the world

While the importance of leadership in business has been proven in multiple studies, how to define and measure leadership is still a controversial topic, especially when we take into accoun. . . read more

3 best tactics for recruiting Millennials - Part 2

This blog is the second part of a 3-blog series. Part 1 - Get Social Born in a fast-paced era, Millennials love new stuff and praise convenience. Instead of following the traditiona. . . read more

3 best tactics for recruiting Millennials - Part 1

Recruitment is a series of challenges that the HR department has to continually solve, from sourcing candidates to screening, interviewing, choosing the best fit and persuading them to acc. . . read more

6 advices to overcome generation gap

In the last blog, we answered the query "Are Millennials troublesome team players?". This week's blog will focus on the generation gap between generations within your team, and 6 advi. . . read more


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