Keynote presentation at the Great People Inside Conference 2016: Rick Yvanovich

Great People Inside Conference 2016 “The New World of Work” gathered over 20 high-profile speakers and 350 participants in the field of human resources for a 2-day event discussing the changing nature of work. The conference was currently in its 13th year of reputation and among the largest HR conference in Romania.  

Along with other internationally-recognized speakers such as Dan Hill, Rick Yvanovich – Founder and CEO of TRG International gave his talk at the conference about the strengths and weaknesses of leaders in Europe and South East Asia. His presentation was based on the results of an empirical study conducted on more than 300 managers and leaders in South East Asia & Europe.

Below is Rick’s sharing about his experience at the Great People Inside Conference 2016:

You can hear Rick’s leadership presentation at the conference here