TRG International participated in “Strengths/ Weaknesses of Vietnamese Leaders” seminar

HCMC – May 11 2016, the seminar “Strengths and Weaknesses of Vietnamese Leaders” organised by BBGV in collaboration with AmCham, AusCham, EuroCham and CanCham took place at Liberty Central Saigon Hotel, 179 Le Thanh Ton Str.

With more than 10 years of experience in consulting and providing talent management solutions, TRG International representatives including Mr. Rick Yvanovich – Founder and CEO of TRG International, and Mr. Tran Quoc Huy – Manager of Talent Management Solution participated in the seminar as guest speakers.


Vietnam’s economy is growing rather fast within the region, attracting more interest and investment from developed countries. Many of Vietnamese employees are in charge of key positions, bridging the forein investors with the general force of employees and together pushing their corporates forward.

The leaders and managers are the soul of an organisation. Incompetent or unsuitable leaders will absolutely cause huge losses for the organisation and even their direct reports. It is totally not a surprise that organisations are putting much effort in improving and enhancing leadership skills, implementing new models and mindsets to develop their leaders. However, most of them do not reach the desired result. The first reason is the cultural difference between the foreign bosses and Vietnamese managers; the second lies in the fact that organisations focus more on general theory without foundation from any practical surveys or researchs.

At the seminar, TRG International presented the summary report on strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese leaders with the help of Checkpoint 360 survey tool. With responses from 1000 participants of different levels including direct bosses, peers and direct reports for 120 managers (categorised into Vietnamese, foreigners, male and female), Mr. Rick Yvanovich showed the differences between strengths and weaknesses of each categories, which surprised all the seminar attendants. A lesson for organisations is that they should have specific plan and tools to discover and identify with precision improving points of the current leaders before implementing any training and development programme. Precise identification of targeted entity and necessary skills to develop will help organisations save a great deal of their time and budgets.