Webinar Recap: 5 Mistakes in Leadership Development Programme You Never Want to Make

On August 25, TRG International’s monthly webinar series was on air again. This time, our expert shared about one of the hottest topics in HR Management to date: Why Your Leadership Development Programme (LDP) Fails. Here are the Big 5:

  1. Unclear purpose

What is your leadership development programme for? Succession planning, competency development, engagement or enhancing teamwork? Whatever your purpose is, make sure to clarify it with the whole organisation with announcements and even the details in your execution plan. Without a clear direction of where to head for, would you go for it? You know the answer yourself.

  1. Wrong/Missed choice of participants

Don’t assume that all current managers are eligible for leadership development programme and make them all participate in. Based on your purpose, pinpoint criteria to choose suitable participants who are willing to commit with leadership development programme and the changes they are about to go through.

  1. Impractical benefits for participants

What makes your participants commit to leadership development programme? It’s up to the benefits you bring them with leadership development programme Make development goals and itinerary as well as benefits practical and relevant to the participants’ position and next steps, rather than listing out all prestigious training activities and assume that they are appealing enough.

  1. Stick to one type of development activity

Formal training course might be the first idea to pop into your head when mentioning training. But it is the activity that takes up the least in the ideal training ratio 70 – 20 – 10. You are recommended to tailor training activity in your leadership development programme in accordance with this ratio with 70% of time for on-the-job training (internal transfer, assignment/ project, “shadowing”…), 20% for coaching/mentoring and 10% for formal training courses.

  1. Inadequate measurement

ROI is only a small part in measuring programme quality. Organisation should measure different levels, including participants’ satisfaction, improvement in knowledge, skills, application and changes of behaviours, influence on performance and ROI. But be aware that if the solutions used in leadership development programme is not suitable and the whole programme is irrelevant to business target, measurement will definitively fail.

For more detail in this topic, listen to full recording of webinar or contact us directly. TRG International’s monthly webinar series is going to come back in September with another red-hot topic about leadership development. Stay tuned for more updates from us.