ProfileXT® measures an individual’s match to a specific position within the organisation. The concept of “Job Fit” is unique in that it correlates an individual to the qualities they need in order to perform well in a specific position.

ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report

ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report generated as a result of the ProfileXT assessment presents a different interpretation of results so as to highlight the specific leadership profile.

ProfileXT® Team Report

ProfileXT® Team Report targets the specific and general objectives of the organisation, highlights significant differences between the leader and the members of the team and gives suggestions for approaching and improving.

CheckPoint 360°™

The CheckPoint 360°™ survey is designed for effectively developing managers with a combination of feedback from subordinates, peers, direct bosses, clients/partners.

Profiles Performance Indicator™

Profiles Performance Indicator™ is an assessment highlighting the impact of individual’s personality on job performance and collaboration in team with an aim to motivate and coach employee, resolve post-hire conflict and performance issues.

Customer Service Profile™

Customer Service Profile™ measures how well a person fits specific customer service jobs in an organisation and identifies the best candidates as well as methods for coaching existing candidates.

Profiles Managerial Fit™

Profile Managerial Fit™ measures critical aspects of compatibility between a manager and their employees.

Profiles Sales Assessment™

Profiles Sales Assessment™ measures how well a person fits a specific sales job in your organisation, so that you can optimise sales performance.

Profiles Pathway Planner™

Profiles Pathway Planner™ is an intensive assessment tool which is helpful for career orientation based on the concept of “Job Fit”.

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ is a tool used to help sales people improve their sales performance and selling abilities with a combination of sales people’s self-evaluation and feedback from managers.