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Online webinar

Webinar: Why does your Leadership Development Programme fail?

Vi-sao-chuong-trinh-phat-trien-lanh-dao-cua-ban-that-baiLeadership is vital to any business. Your Leadership Development Programme for sure costs you time and money, but does it really work? According to the 2016 survey by TRG conducted with nearly 1000 managers in Vietnam, there is 61% misalignment in the first stage “Identify which characteristics make an effective leader”. Not just that, up to 25% of Vietnamese managers is evaluated lower than global standard in terms of leadership ability. In this month’s webinar, we pinpoint 4 possible reasons for the failure of your leadership development programme, including:

  • Wrong identification and attraction of target audiences
  • Unclear goals
  • Impractical benefits for participants
  • No result measurement

Register now for Webinar “Why does your Leadership Development Programme fail?” to find the answer to this question!


3pm - 4pm


Webinar: Build, Retain and Develop Your Sales Forces

Webinar-xay-dung-doi-ngu-ban-hang-EngAccording to a research by Hunter and Schmidt, there are three groups in a sales team: star group occupying 16% of team members, middle group taking up 68% and bottom group populating 16%. However, there exists a huge gap between the revenue brought by these three groups: star salespeople produce more revenue by 32% compared to middle ones and by 64% compared to bottom ones.

The question is, how to build a sales team only consisting of middle and star salespeople while avoiding recruiting bottom salespeople?

Register our monthly webinar “Build, Retain and Develop your Sales Forces” to find a solution for this question.

The webinar is going to cover the following points:

  • Build – Right people – right job
  • Manage – Taking notice of personality and manage with pipeline
  • Retain – Appropriate and flexible reward and recognition, setting SMART goal for employees
  • Develop – Coaching, training to assist salespeople achieve goals set in step 3.


3pm - 4pm

Online Webinar

Webinar: How to Duplicate Your TOP Performers?

We are in the scene of talent scarcity, in which most businesses are suffering headaches from attracting and retaining talent activities. But still, there is a wiser way that can help you achieve the ultimate goal of maximise your business performance with talents: Duplicating TOP performers. Using this new approach, you will be able to “kill two birds with one stone”: meet the demand of talents in business and minimise risks of losing your stars at work.

Hurry up! Grab your chance to make a difference in the search for talents!

The webinar is going to cover these topics:

  • TOP performers – who are they?
  • How to evaluate and classify TOP performers
  • How to duplicate your TOP performers
  • Sharing and consultancy from our experts
8:30 - 11:30

Liberty Central Saigon, Apollo Room, 179 Le Thanh Ton, Dist.1, HCMC 

BBGV Breakfast Seminar : “Strengths & Weaknesses of Vietnamese: Management & Leadership

As one of the national corporate sponsors of BBGV, TRG International is proud to present the Breakfast Seminar : “Strengths  and Weaknesses of Vietnamese: Management & Leadership. Mr. Rick Yvanovich – Founder and CEO and Mr. Tran Quoc Huy – Talent Management Manager are going to represent TRG International to give their sharings in this seminar along with other speakers from the leading sectors.


The seminar will cover:

  • Real strengths & weaknesses of Vietnamese Managers & Leaders from industry practitioners and business leaders
  • Leadership competencies and behaviors that matter and why they matter
  • The results of an empirical study of 100+ Managers & Leaders in Vietnam and 1000+ respondents and their top strengths and weaknesses
15:00 - 16:00

Online webinar

Webinar: What’s new in recruitment task?

Recruitment nowadays is no longer about filling vacancies only. What recruiters look for are new members that will sustainably contribute to the growth of organisations. 

Registering webinar “What’s new in the recruitment task?”, held by TRG International, will help enterprises update information about recruitment trends, and then figure out where to find gems among candidates and how to make the most of such talent.

Main content:

  • Update on current situation in labour market in Vietnam
  • How to understand people and forecast how they will work in the organisation
  • What powerful assessments can support HR in the recruitment process?
  • Interactive consultation from TRG’s expert

Webinar’s recording

Click here for webinar’s recording.