Assessment Overview

Employees are the most valuable asset of an organisation but they need a good leader to develop and lead them to work towards the right direction. Hence, the needs of evaluating and developing managers has increased recently alongside the “360 – degree – feedback” concept. This concept is highly recommended among organisations due to its efficient implementation and objective result in leadership evaluation. Organisations may choose to conduct the feedback based on their competency framework or apply universal leadership skill sets, which have been developed into Checkpoint 360°™ to assess the so-called Charismatic Leaders.

Checkpoint 360°™ leverages on the concept of “360-degree-feedback” and is incorporated by the 8 Universal Leadership Competencies, which consisted of 72 Behaviours that a leader shall possess. The participants in the survey are asked to feedback to the “Self” based on these behaviours and the result shows the Self’s strengths, weaknesses according to the participants' perspectives and some of the suggestions on leadership development for this Self.

Checkpoint 360°™ is useful when your organisation wants to develop your manager team and carry out succession planning as the survey criteria – the skill sets and behaviours – has been adopted widely around the world and the result are concrete, easy to understand and utilise for the assessed managers, their Bosses and even C-level executives. Also, confidentiality is no longer a big concern for you with Checkpoint 360°™ as the survey process is entirely online and ratings remain anonymous in the report.

Assessment Scales

Listens To Others | Processes Information | Communicates Effectively | Instills Trust | Provides Direction | Delegates Responsibilities | Adapts To Circumstances | Thinks Creatively | Builds Personal Relationships | Facilitates Team Success | Works Efficiently | Work Competently | Takes Action | Achieves Results | Cultivates Individual Talent | Motivates Successfully | Displays Commitment | Seeks Improvement |

CheckPoint 360°™ is recommended for

  • Development of management competencies, skills and behaviours
  • Prioritisation of managerial and leadership development needs
  • Talent identification, management and development
  • Strategic workforce and succession planning
  • Leadership skills development
  • Team development
  • Conflict resolution

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Available Reports

CheckPoint 360°™ provides the following reports for your full use

Individual Feedback Report

Describes the manager’s skills and competencies.

Management Report
Describes the individual’s skills and competencies as well as gives considerations about coaching and management.
Comparison Reports
Provide a means of measuring a participant’s progress in developing leadership qualities and management skills.
Executive Report
Provides a summary of all individual reports, useful for organisational leaders.