This assessment assesses the match between manager and subordinates with regard to 7 features:
Self-assurance | Self-reliance | Conformity | Optimism | Decisiveness | Objectivity | Approach to Learning

Profile Managerial Fit™ is recommended for

  • Creating efficient teams
  • Identifying the match between employees
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Identification and levelling of differences between supervisors and subordinates
  • Improvement of communication level
  • Improvement of engagement and motivation
  • Reduction of personnel turnover
  • Conflict resolution

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Available Reports

Profile Managerial Fit™ provides the following reports for your full use

Manager Report
Provides summary about the tendencies of the manager and the subordinates individually, describes the relationship between them based on 7 features and gives action steps about what the manager can do to expand working relationship with the subordinates.