"How to be a good leader in such a team?" "How to choose the best leadership style for my organisation?" are commonly heard questions about leadership style, which is as wide a topic as leadership in general. Unlike the sort of tyres which can be tested and decided to be in use for a professional motorbike race only within 30 minutes of practice run, identifying and utilising leadership styles in different business situations is more complexed and of course, takes much longer. Yet the rising need for a standardised set of criteria to explore the possible behaviours of an individual given in a managerial position  to determine which is the best leadership style in a particular scene shall be addressed with ProfileXT Executive Leadership Report.

ProfileXT Executive Leadership Report is a specialised report, generated from the result of an individual's ProfileXT; therefore, it does analyse the ProfileXT scales, pinpoint possible strengths and weaknesses of the individual in each trait. And more importantly, the report provide insights about the individual's behavioural tendencies in accordance to the 6 Components of Successful Leadership, which consists of 6 competencies proven to be essential for becoming an effective leader.

Not only to identify the leadership style of an individual, from which the result can be utilised to opt-in for suitable choice, the report is useful in training and developing leadership skill of the individual to reflect the organisational demand and strategy.

Assessment scales

Innovating Strategy Initiatives | Maximizing Resources | Utilizing Organizational Synergy | Producing Quality Results | Mentoring Others | Maintaining High Personal Standards

ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report is recommended for

  • Development of managerial competencies, skills and behaviours
  • Talent identification, management and development
  • Strategic workforce and succession planning
  • Identification of leadership potential
  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Leadership skills development
  • Employee retention

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Available Reports

ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report provides the following reports for your full use

Executive Leadership Report
Describes how your unique characteristics and behaviours influence your approach to leadership, and how to best use this information about yourself to become an even better leader. 
Executive Leadership Summary

Provides your scores on 14 behaviours and cognitive scales.