Assessment Overview

These days, employees are required to involve in teamwork more and more; in both large-scaled and small-sized teams for different tasks at work. Yet as the members’ personality vary, it is not easy to manage the team, and create a harmonizing and collaborating atmosphere to work together towards team goals. With the aim to address the potential conflicts in team building and management, ProfileXT® Team Report is developed as a source of reference information on the ultimate challenge to lead the team to success.

ProfileXT® Team Report is a specialised report, generated from the results of the leader’s and members’ ProfileXT. It evaluates 12 unique scales concerning the cognitive abilities and behavioural characteristics of both the leader and team members. These information is clearly visualized and analysed, which aims to enhance the experience in reading and understanding each person as well as the whole team. 

ProfileXT® Team Report is useful for team creation and development as well as for solving conflict at work. Also, as the report point of the differences between the leader and members, the leader might make adjustment or find a more suitable approach to manage his team.

Assessment Scales

Learning Index | Verbal Composite | Numerical Composite | Energy Level | Assertiveness | Sociability | Manageability | Attitude | Decisiveness | Accommodating | Independence | Objective Judgement

ProfileXT® Team Report is recommended for

  • Identifying the match between employees
  • Team development and creation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Employee onboarding

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Available Reports

ProfileXT® Team Report provides the following reports for your full use

Team Report

Evaluates 12 unique scales concerning the cognitive abilities and behavioural characteristics for each of your team members.