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Find out the solution to human resource issues in your organisation with Talent Management Solutions from Profiles International SEA.

Team Work Issues

  • Team building is the activity to shape a group of individuals into a unit to work and achieve organisational targets. To ensure its success, team building should be based on the core characteristics of the team member, including their strengths, weaknesses and their fit within the team.

    Therefore, Profiles International SEA provides the following tools to help you identify those features of your team members as well as the compatibility between members and leaders.

    pxt      psa      ppi      cp      pmf      ptr

  • Star employees in their certain individual roles might usually find it unnecessary to join hands to build a cohesive team. Hence, your job is to help them work out the best way to work together - positively and productively.

    Profiles International SEA provides the following tools to assist you discover each employee's characteristics and communication style, revealing the most suitable strategy to engage them effectively with other team members and the team as a whole.

    pxt      ppi      cp      pmf      ptr

  • According to a vast proportion of people, conflicts are the results of differences in opinions or incompability in personalities. However, conflicts are, in reality, linked to a difference in working style. Therefore, a working-style-driven conflict management strategy shall be developed to create positive impact on your organisation's performance and overall success.

    Profiles International SEA provides the following tools to give you an indepth look to the similarities and differences in your employees as well as their effects on communication which is a key factor in reducing conflict.

    pxt      csp      psa      ppi     pmf